Aubrey Warren, Lil’ Aubrey, has to be one of the most talented and underrated lyricists in San Antonio, TX. He comes from a musical background, his great grandmother Dorothy Sweat Warren inspired him for she was a great gospel singer that was well known in many churches and on the radio airways in Virginia, TX. Rapping since the age of 9 and recording since 12, he’s one
of the founders and performers of the group HeadTurnaz which consists of Lil’ Aubrey, Sir Qpid, C Macc Yola, Josh Denn, Charlie, Yung D, and Da Bachelor. At the age of 29 he’s at the top of his game and striving for a higher plateau.

Other than working with HeadTurnaz he’s collaborated with New York based rapper Katastrophy, Drastik (Str8 Trippin Records), Sean Cash, J. Starr, Tone Of DS Monopoly, and Salim Rashad just to name a few. Lil’ Aubrey is slowly but surely getting the credit he deserves for all his hard work in this music industry. He’s currently unsigned and dropped his first CD titled Eff Lil’ Aubrey. Along with rapping he also hosted a TV/internet show for local artists called All The Way Live and currently hosts another show for the locals called Pluggd In.

Lil’ Aubrey has become somewhat of a role model in the San Antonio hip hop community and hosting field which is a blessing within itself. Currently he’s traveling city to city and state to state promoting Eff Lil’ Aubrey while doing as many features and shows as possible. On tap for projects, he’s just finish his latest album titled Higgs Boson. His goals are to become as successful as he can with music and TV.

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